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How to wash uniform properly

How to wash uniform properly

It’s that time of year when you’re preparing your kid for going back to school after the vacations, and that means buying new school uniforms. As a parent, buying a new pair of uniform are often quite emotional experience – not because it reminds you that your children are growing up, but because you know that those new, clean uniforms will soon be covered in paint, glue, and pen, and that’s just in a day. When buying uniforms, you’re reminded that your relaxing evenings are a thing of the past, replaced by standing over the tub scraping and scrubbing all manner of stains out of your children’s clothes, including the dried-on remains of their school dinner – yuk. Don’t worry – stain removal doesn’t have to be time-consuming. If you follow these great pieces of recommendation of Dress Code Ranchi, you’ll be finished washing in time.

Try a Stain Remover on Tough Stains

As a supplier of best School Uniforms in Ranchi, we follow One of the simplest ways to ruin a school uniform is to be rough with it. You might think that vigorously scrubbing away at stains is the most efficient and quickest way to remove dirty marks, but what this is often likely to try to do is spread the stain over a bigger area of the clothing, and also cause the fabric too thin, making it more likely to snag and tear on a limb while your kids are twiddling with their friends. to guard your clothes, and make stain removal easy work, pre-treat the stain before washing. Stain removers soak down deep into the material to loosen dirt particles from the fibres, so that they begin easily when washed. If you don’t have a stain remover handy, apply a little amount of detergent, or create a thick paste from a powdered detergent mixed with water.

Use Cool Temperatures if Possible

As a Uniform Manufacturers in Ranchi, we will suggest Unless your kids’ uniforms are very heavily soiled try to use cooler temperatures when running water into the washing tub, or when using your washing machine. Cooler temperatures of 30 degrees celsius or less will reduce the amount of color that bleeds from the fabric, helping to keep the uniforms looking bright and vibrant for longer. If your kids wear a colored sweater that is very heavily dyed, you could try soaking the garment in white vinegar before its first wash as vinegar is said to help set the colors. If you absolutely must use a higher temperature, such as if you need to sanitize your kids’ clothing, for example, be sure to wash with similar colors to avoid discoloring your whites.

Dry Naturally if Time Allows

Kids grow all the time, and sometimes it seems like you put them to bed like a baby and they wake up looking like a teenager. As kids are constantly growing, the last thing you want is for their school uniform to shrink. Drying using a machine can increase the risk of shrinking, as the high heats break down the fibres in the material causing it to shrivel up. If you’ve got the time to do so, always allow your kids’ uniforms to dry naturally, either on a clothes horse inside or on a washing line outside (but take care not to leave in direct sunlight as this could have a bleaching effect and fade the colors). As a Best Uniform Collection in Ranchi, we will give advice to you that must dry uniforms using the machine, set the temperature to the lowest, and don’t leave in the machine for a longer time.

Take Extra Care with Embroidery 

If you’ve had to embroider your kid’s names into their school uniform, or if they wear a patch on their sweater that has been sewed on, take extra care if you’re washing using a washing machine. Sometimes, embroidery and stitches can snag on the internal workings of the machine, causing them to unravel. It’s the best idea to turn the sweater inside out before washing, which helps to safeguard the embroidery, and you can also use a washing bag, too, for extra care.